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New Wallpaper Roll Lengths

For those of you who love wallpaper, but don't have the super tall ceilings, I am introducing another roll length. There will be three roll lengths:

SHORT- 24"x10'

STANDARD- 24"x12'

EXTRA LONG- 24"x15'

The introduction of the three different roll lengths should reduce the waste associated with papering your space.

Please consult your installer for an estimate on how many rolls you should order. When you meet with your installer, present them with the pattern repeat of the paper you want to install, as well as the variety of roll lengths available. They will be able to determine which roll length will reduce the amount of waste for your job and keep your costs lower.

Below are a few new installs across the country!!

Click the link below each picture to be taken to the sales page where you can order swatches and rolls.

For more information, please email

Happy Holidays!


82113 install atl_edited.JPG
43014 BLUE Installed_edited.JPG
125-5 Blue Installed.JPG
51514 B Black White.jpg

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