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Holiday Show Giclee Prints

As many of you know, next Friday and Saturday are my holiday show! For those of you in Richmond, I hope that you can make it. And for those of you that aren't in Richmond, I am going to be posting my show pieces online so that you can have them shipped to you.

My first giclee prints on paper that are ready to share are these two gorgeous blue and white pieces. They are giclee prints on paper, double matted and framed in white frames. They are perfect as a pair or on their own.

They are available in 4 different sizes:

8"x10" frames with 5"x7" giclee print- $65

11"x14" frame with 8"x10" giclee print- $95

14"x18" frame with 10"x13" giclee print- $175

18"x18" frame with 8"x10" giclee print- $185

For inquiries, please email or click the links below to shop online.

5114-17 product shot.jpg
5114-16 product shot.jpg

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