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Opening Night at Palette

Last Friday marked the start of my Fall exhibition at Palette in Richmond VA. Below are a few photos from the opening! The store looked amazing. And the flowers were just perfect with my art!

photo 3-5.JPG

'62614'- triptych 24"x48" panels- oil on canvas

photo 5-3_edited.JPG

12814- 48"x60" oil on canvas

photo 2-7_edited.JPG

31314 series- available individually- each 20'x20" shadow box frames

photo 1-8_edited.JPG

Blush on white- 20"x20" shadow box frame

51314- 24"x24" oil on canvas


Cane chairs with 8241 linen cotton canvas cushions.

photo 4-5.JPG

'61614' 30"x40" oil and resin on canvas


51914-1 24"x24" oil and resin on canvas

51914-2- 24"x24" oil and resin on canvas


'5214' 30"x40" oil on canvas


1514- 48"x72" oil on canvas in the center

6814- 36"x36" oil on canvas on the right

6514- 36"x36" oil on canvas on the left


5114- 24"x30" oil and resin on canvas on the right


White on White- 24"x24" oil on canvas

If you are in Richmond, please visit Palette through October 31st to see the installations! If you are not located in Richmond, please contact

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